Wednesday, June 3, 2015

#1 Most uncomfortable pants

Since one year I've been seeing sooo many girls/women wear this type of tight uncomfortable black skinny pants. It's not really a jeans, not a leggings, But definetely not what a "jeggings" is supposed to be.

Even though they come in many sizes they are ALWAYS to tight, no matter what body shape...
Luckily since the weather is super hot now there are definitely less people wearing it. But in general, with the climate here, I can only wear tight long pants in December-February. Even then it's actually too humid, so it feels uncomfortable.
I guess real Shenzhen people won't be bothered too much by the humidity.
But let me just tell you one more thing. There is nothing flattering about this pants. It's so tight and the material is rough and everything but flexible, it will most likely make your butt look more flat and "squeezed". I can't image the person on this photo sitting down with those pants. Ouch!

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