Saturday, October 31, 2015

2-3 step skincare routine + best makeup removal

This is the routine I follow when I:
- want to quickly remove makeup and hydrate my skin
- I do not have time
- my skin feels sensitive and I do not want to use exfoliants or overwhelm it with a bunch of products

 My cleanser + olive oil from the dollar store
Just two products!
This olive oil also contains jojoba oil, some synthetic additives and fragrance. That is ideal for me as I dislike the smell of real (eatable) olive oil. 
As a morning routine I would wash my face and apply the oil on wet or damp skin. It will retain moisture and not make me look too greasy. Afterwards I can add sunscreen if I want to go outside.
As an evening routine: Nothing removes makeup as well as this oil. It completely breaks down my eye-makeup. I will massage this around my face first and then immediately follow with the cleanser and massage again for up to 1 minute. After that my face is completely clean. Instead of towel-drying it I immediately apply some drops of the oil again on damp skin and it gives me enough hydration plus a great glow.

 Even if I exfoliate afterwards I still use the oil to remove my makeup (but I will not use it as moisturizer in this case). 
All the other makeup removers are nothing compared to this. Micellar waters only remove 80 percent of the makeup and fail at removing mascara. Cleansing oils contain a lot of unnecessary irritating ingredients like essential oils and surfactants. Even though they promise to emulsify and rinse clean, they leave residue so people need to double-cleanse. What is the use of it emulsifying if you follow with foaming cleanser anyway, right? You could as well just use a facial oil like this one - I know there are many like these and they are actually good for the skin and double up as a great massage oil, too. 
The worst thing I tried was cleansing balm. It left a layer of vaseline-like  stickiness that I could only wash off by using a harsh foaming cleanser three times. Instead of breaking down my makeup I was just "dragging" it around my face and clogging my pores. Never again!

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