Saturday, October 10, 2015

Clogged Pores - Blackheads or sebaceous filaments???

Pore strips usually tear out just a part of the blackhead. Or is it not a blackhead? If it's not black but your pores are clogged with it, what is that?

The so called sebaceous filaments are a normal part of peoples' skin. Especially if the pores are large and the skin type is oily. Commonly they can be found in the nose or chin area. They can be removed but the truth is they always come back within a few days. The thing that can keep them under control (as well as blackheads) is using chemical exfoliants daily or at least twice a week. This can diminish their appearance. But remember once you stop using that exfoliant, the skin will return to its original state (as before you started using the exfoliant).
Massaging the affected skin with oils can also help. But it is better to use mineral oil rather than natural oils, because it is less likely to clog the pores. Just take a small amount of the oil after you cleansed your face and massage it for a while until it feels like it is heating up. Afterwards rinse with water and a bit of cleanser and moisturize as usual.

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