Friday, October 23, 2015

Fragrance in skincare

I used to be the kind of person to avoid fragrance at all costs. Back in the day I used a lot of Japanese skincare - and they have many brands that generally produce only fragrance-free products.

Nowadays I prefer a tiny bit of fragrance (especially when it is at the end of the ingredients list the amount is tiny). Even better if that fragrance comes from plant extracts or essential oils. Though a lot of essential oils are known to be irritating for many skin types. At the end you need to find out for yourself if you are sensitive to certain ingredients. Me, for example, I am sensitive to orange and peppermint oils. They cause redness and small bumps on my skin. So I simply avoid them. One exception is the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask which I still use, even though I find clay masks actually do nothing for my skin.

One thing I cannot stand is overpowering fragrance. A scent that is so strong, it almost feels like you mixed actual perfume with your cream and now you are applying that mixture.

Muji Balancing All in one Essence, Innisfree green persimmon pore essence
These two products both have a scent that is too strong. They both smell like tangerine peel. Ugh! In general Innisfree products are too heavily fragranced. But I love their minimum line which is completely unscented.

Here comes the worst smelling skincare item of all times:

Paula's Choice products are all unscented. That is not a bad thing. But these body wipes smell TERRIBLE! Apple cider vinegar smells pleasant in comparison to these. Whether the product is effective as an exfoliant or not, I will never find out. I wish they used a masking fragrance to cover this horrible chemical smell. 

Here are my favourites when it comes to scent:

 Kier Skin Water Balancing Toner (Rose) (local brand) and my holy grail cleanser from UNT both smell like roses. And it is not the powdery old woman kind of smell. The cleanser contains rose water and no artificial fragrance and smells great. It is my all time favourite (that's my second bottle) when it comes to facial cleansers.
A nice toner containing rose extracts plus a tiny bit of extra fragrance really makes my day. This is new still and I got it from the local walmart.

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