Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Healing acne from inside

This is part one of me sharing some experiences, trial and error, products etc. in fighting acne.
When talking about acne, the term "hormonal" is often used to describe adult acne. But it is a fact that acne always has something to do with hormones. And it has internal as well as external reasons.

From a holistic point of view it is often recommended to do a liver cleanse. When the body accumulates toxins from the environment, medication, food, or cosmetic products, the liver has 3 ways of dealing with those. Only one path is the healthy one. That means it fulfills its function in detoxifying the body properly and expels those toxins. The second path leads straight to acne. The deep, hormonal kind of acne. The third path - and that should not happen - is the toxins developing into cancer. During the menstrual cycle the liver has to deal with balancing an overload of "bad" estrogen (which can be caused by external issues, like the environment and chemicals like parabens, phtalates, preservatives etc.) so it fails to do its job properly. Deep bumps appear, often around the chin area, close to the lymph nodes, which sometimes harden and become swollen (that was part of my issue).
Yet a liver cleanse is something quite drastic and can cause health issues as well. There are a lot of factors against it. In the past I have tried supplements instead, to support the liver. But it did not help. Actually supplements themselves are another kind of burden for the body. Which is why many supplements can have side effects on some people.
Another supplement that I tried was saw palmetto. Many people had success with it. After one week of taking it, my skin looked better. But then I broke out as usual. I continued taking it and my skin dried up. It was like all the oil was gone suddenly. And that was just one of the side effects. My cycle became much longer than before. I was shocked even though I knew this supplement influences hormones. I did not know to which extent. After I quit taking it, it has taken about two and a half months for the side effects to completely go away and restore my old cycle.
As a teenager I was on birth control. But the pill I got did not clear my acne and had very very bad effects on my overall health. I only found out recently, why it was so bad. The birth control pill contained progesterone. Acne sufferers already have too much of this hormone. So adding more only made the imbalance worse. The birth control pill I should have taken had to be the estrogen type.

Conclusion: The best way to heal acne from inside is to balance your body. Balance physical and emotional stress , maintain a healthy diet. Oral medication as well as supplements targeting oil production in the skin and hormone levels are dangerous short-term solutions. Once you stop taking it most likely the problem will appear again and in the end you have to find another way to deal with your acne.

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