Monday, November 2, 2015

Acne - External causes

There are many people that just use a random plain bar of soap or even shoer gel to wash their face, yet they have great skin. But how did acne happen in first place?
Somehow the "barrier" must have been damaged. Of course it all starts with hormones and genetics. But it is easy to make it worse by using harsh products over a longer period of time. Even good skin could get damaged. So what do I mean by "harsh products"? Examples:


A lot of drugstore products claiming to get rid of acne actually just make it worse.

You cannot wash/scrub your spots away! You cannot keep on drying them out by using sulfur, benzoyl peroxide or alcohol. In the long run it is going to destroy the acid mantle even more.
Contrary to popular belief, mineral-oil/petroleum-based products will not make acne worse or cause breakouts. I am not saying you should use them. But if a person has good skin it will not ruin it... And if you have severe acne it will not worsen it, because mineral oil is not comedogenic. It coats the skin and forms a protective layer, but it can over time dry out skin if used too frequently.

Natural oils are better for the skin but they can make people break out and clog pores. I never had really severe acne, but using castor oil or coconut oil on my face will give me a whole bunch of pimples.

Let's talk about other external causes. So yes, scrubbing and washing with harsh alkaline products is bad for most skin types, especially sensitive (there are still some that can get away with it though). Another thing is using tools like brushes, towels, sponges etc. to exfoliate. This can only make things worse. Sensitive skin can easily be damaged, and when it is damaged bad bacteria can spread. Everyone has a type of acne bacteria on the other layers of skin, so technically, anyone could deal with breakouts. The skin is an eco-system, with friendly and evil bacteria. Anti-bacterial products will not only kill the bad ones but also the good ones and disrupt this system. That is why doing nothing is the best solution sometimes. Doing nothing means letting the skin rest and restore itself. Just like recovering from a cold. Sometimes just waiting and drinking a lot of water is enough. Your body has everything it needs to repair itself.

Excessive sweating can also lead to breakouts. It is better to work-out when you are not wearing makeup and afterwards take a shower to get rid of the sweat and sebum. Moving to a warmer climate initially gave me a lot of breakouts until my skin finally adjusted itself.

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