Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nufountain Vitamin C + Ferulic Acid Serum

Vitamin C+E does not need to be expensive! People often talk about saving up for the Skinceuticals serum but there are many cheaper alternatives.

The first time I tried the Nufountain C20+ Ferulic was at the end of last year. But the formula has been changed!!! Back when I first tried it, I did not know how to use it properly (I was gradually finding out) and I also had no clue how to integrate a low-ph-serum into my routine. On the back it said "do not mix with other products" so I was scared to put anything on top of it, even after waiting. Yet it had some moisturizing ingredient in it which made it okay for me to skip the moisturizer. If I used this in the morning I waited at least 15 minutes before putting on my sunscreen and makeup.

It gave me good results. My skin tone got more even, scars faded quicker. Overall my skin was bright and glowing. So even though I had issues integrating it into my routine and decided to throw it away I promised myself to buy one again in a few months. Serums like this preserve only 3 months anyway.  I have used mine for around 2 months before I got rid of it but it was still more than half full.

This summer I ordered it again and was shocked. The ingredients were different as well as the ph-level.

They added 2 more ingredients, Ethoxydiglycol and Sorbic Acid. The ph used to be above 3 but now it is 2.5-3.
I was scared it was going to be sour. And yes, I was right! It is as sour as freshly squeezed lemon juice. It burns! That burning feeling takes about 10 minutes to go away but ouch!
It is really hard to use, hard to endure. 
So I cheated and mixed it with my Alpha Hydrox 10% Glycolic Acid Oilfree Treatment (ph 4.0) to get the benefits of the vitamin c and e without the burn. Of course if you mix it with something that has a higher ph-level it will not be effective as an exfoliant. Yet, vitamin c and e are still good antioxidants at higher ph-levels. 
Alone by itself I mainly used it as a spot treatment.
These days my skin is more sensitive, so currently I am not using it so much. I will look for a product with a more gentle formulation. In general, I do not think vitamin c serums are a must-have. If you use Glycolic Acid it actually does the same. And in terms of antioxidants there many other options that are just as effective.

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