Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What has been going through my mind lately...


So, the first thing is. What's up with the grey hair? Why do young people dye their hair grey? Isn't it a sign of aging? And why are they wearing dark lipstick? That makes everyone look 20 years older ...
And those ugly tattoo necklaces. I was wearing it when I was 11. That was in the nineties... Ugh... After a few months of wearing various tattoo necklaces the eleven-year old me came to the conclusion that it's fugly and made the wise decision to not follow trends anymore.

While researching skincare I stumbled upon the TOKYO LOVE SOAP which I used back in the day in Germany and then years later in China. Now they have a premium version packed with more amazing ingredients to get rid of dark spots and discolorations. That's exactly what I need as I have some uneven patches on my skin since months and nothing that I tried helped. I need to get that asap. Products that contain EGF can be terribly expensive, but this one is affordable - for me at least. I know there are people that will buy a bar of soap in the supermarket for less than a Euro and still complain about the value.

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