Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Recent haul (Asian cosmetics)

I have been buying a lot of things since the beginning of the year. Especially skincare!
Here is some stuff I got recently, which I am really excited about:

Since a long time I wanted to try Japanese shower products like Bouncia. It foams very well and makes a lot of bubbles, yet it is gentle on the skin. I already tried it and I like it a lot. I feel very clean after shower (unlike with products like Dove and Olay) but without any dryness.
I love the Opera skin conditioner. It is already the second time I buy it. It is great for making DIY sheet masks. It does not feel sticky like the Hadalabo Lotions. It is more watery but just as moisturizing.
I have waited very long to finally receive the COSRX Blackhead Power Liquid. So long, that I have already bought a different salicylic acid product (that I am currently using). At least they gave me a lot of samples.
I bought this Hadalabo face wash with hyaluronic  acid. The only reason why I got this is because it says ph 5,5 on the back. It does not foam well as expected but it is okay as a morning cleanser.
Then there are two Chinese products which I got out of curiosity, and because my Walmart gift card still had a lot of money left.  The brand is called 善草纪. They make skincare stuff with essential oils. I got their rose water mist and a CC cream.

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