Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Skin care routine: oily skin & cold weather

The cold weather definitely made my skin more sensitive than it usually is. Finally I developed a routine - but be aware that I am someone who has a ton of products... This is just my new "basic" routine - not including any occasional special treatments or masks.


                    1. Hadalabo face wash, 2. Nufountain CelSignal serum, 3. Reuth Moisture Sunblock Spf30

The morning routine is very simple. Since the face wash and the serum both have ph 5,5 I can skip toner. The serum has 15% MAP vitamin C, niacinamide, panthenol, and hyaluronic acid. It is not acidic like my previous serum and feels comfortable upon application. I also use it on the eye area.
The sunscreen used to be too greasy for me, but now that the weather is cold it is great to have a moisturizing sunscreen. No matter how sensitive my skin feels, this does not burn. Last year I used it as my "under-eye" sunscreen, now I use it all over my face and neck.


      1. Johnson's baby oil & Nivea Makeup Clear cleanser, 2. Reuth 10%glycolic acid toner, 3. Neutrogena Rapid Clear           Acne Defense Face Lotion, 4. Etude House nutrifull eye cream

I use baby oil to dissolve all my makeup before using the Nivea cleanser. The cleanser is supposed to remove makeup by itself but it does not work. The baby oil will be replaced by a cleansing oil soon.
The glycolic acid toner is an optional step. I might also use other toners, but this is my favourite at the moment. But they changed the ingredients when I bought it the second time! That happens a lot with products I like. They either get discontinued or reformulated (not for the better).
The toner has a ph of 3,5 which is very close to the ph of 3,6 that the Neutrogena BHA treatment has. I use it all over or only on areas with blemishes. It works really well. I barely got any spots since I am using it daily.
The treatment can be a bit drying so I follow up with this Etude House eye cream with shea butter. I use it all over even though it's an eye cream. I will add a different moisturizer soon if I find one that is hydrating enough. I have many lotions but they are thin and greasy. I prefer creams that are rich and absorb nicely without leaving an oily film. Unfortunately a lot of Korean and especially Japanese moisturizers are the runny&greasy type. Gels leave a sticky finish, which is even worse - especially when I am going to sleep I do not want to collect all the dust from my pillow on my sticky cheeks.

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