Monday, March 14, 2016

Gimmicky Korean Beauty products (1)

I recently noticed that some of the really popular beauty items on Taobao are not only too good to be true but also kind of controversial. Looking through reviews and comments I found that some brands just want to steal your money but not help you solve any skin problems. Instead some brands are using the typical complexes that Asian women have about their skin to trick them into buying these "amazing miracle products".

Here are some of the most promising yet in actuality completely pointless products:
Disclaimer: Photos are from Taobao and Google (not my own).

About me skin tone up massage cream
Claims: So basically this is a white massage cream that will help detoxify your skin. It can be used as a make up remover as well. Put it on clean skin and start massaging, the cream starts getting oily... Then you wipe it of with tissues and will be able to see the "yellow toxins" from your skin stain that tissue yellow. Now your previously dirty yellow skin has turned white and you are pretty!

The truth: Some smart Chinese ladies have found out there are encapsulated yellowish oil particles in the cream. When you massage the product for long enough these burst and turn the white cream yellowish. Some people have only rubbed the cream itself against a tissue and this happened. One person used it on a plastic glove instead to prove the product itself creates this yellow stains.
These are not toxins! It is just a special effect. To make such claim and to stain people's skin and make them believe it is their "toxins" coming out is unbelievably racist and rude. I cannot believe such claims can be made and the product sold to people... but it is Korea after all. It seems that in Korea as well as in China companies can make the wildest claims and there is no institution to check those claims so no one will stop them from selling their useless products. So you have to be careful.
As far as I know laws and regulations for skin care are much more strict in the U.S. and in Europe. That is why I think Western products are usually more save.

Elizavecca Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack

Those of us who have been very much in to skin care for a long time will definitely know that collagen applied to the skin does nothing. Its molecules are too large to be absorbed into the skin. Collagen is something that the skin produces by itself, and ingredients like vitamin c and retinol can stimulate the skin to produce more. So unless you are injecting it into the skin, covering your face with collagen jelly (from pigs) is a waste of money and time.

Ugh! I get it! It bounces back into its shape. So what?

Okay, it looks greasy...

I am not sure if I can tell a difference. The skin surely is more greasy than before. The top right picture is a bit disgusting. Let us not talk about this "pack" anymore before I start puking...

Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Same brand again. This is a product that I HAVE ACTUALLY TRIED. So I feel embarrassed that I fell for this. Korea knows how to push their products. 
It is a bad smelling mask that gradually turns into foam:

This process is supposed to deep-clean your pores, just like clay masks would. The bubbling is just a special effect and does nothing in cleaning the skin. My skin felt very irritated but not more clean than with a good cleanser. It is a very irritating and unpleasant way to spend your time... And you will also spend some time trying to wash this off properly. Guess what happens? Blackheads and clogged pores are still there. But now you have more redness.

Like I said: The before and after is nothing compared to just washing with a good cleanser. After using a gentle, slightly foaming cleanser the skin will be cleaner and brighter as with this smelly, muddy mask.

Dr. Jart V7 Toning Light

Dr. Jart is a very good brand and they are not the only ones who make creams that have the strong white cast like a waterproof babies sunscreen minus the sun protection. I do not understand the concept of these whitening creams that are basically white. It is not some kind of magic and it has nothing to do with actual whitening because it is just a cosmetic effect. I think a big part of Korean skin care is unfortunately mostly about special effects. Smoke and mirrors. 

Ah, haha! I get it! The cream is white. That means it can whiten my skin, right? I don't need sun protection and exfoliation, if I can just create the illusion of glowing white skin.

Banila co. Moisturizing Finish Cream

When I first heard the word "finish cream" watching "Get it Beauty" I was like : What the ... is this and do I need this? 
You did not finish skin care unless you applied the finish cream. So is it like a second moisturizer? Or is it a primer? Do I put this before or after sun screen? 

Oh, okay. It looks like one of these watery Japanese moisturizers. So it is a moisturizer then, not a primer. But what is so special about it and why the word "finish"? Let's take a closer look:

Make-up bridge technology?  Aqua micro capsule, sherbet matrix, patch network... It only gets more complicated. It is probably just a decent watery moisturizer, not more or less than that.

Hydrogel eye masks:

These have become very popular among Westerners, too. Basically these are just jelly-like patches for the under-eye area. But what is up with all those colors and flavors?

Take a look at the ingredients. Mainly Glycerin and water and gum-like ingredients for the texture (probably more than 90 percent). The rest of the ingredients is mainly for the "cool look" of the product. There is not much proof that putting gold and diamond dust on the skin has any benefits. Other than that Mica is to make the product shiny, titanium dioxide and coloring are just for the look... A couple of plant extracts at the very end of the list. I am sorry to break the illusion. Better put some aloe gel under the eye. Your eye bags/circles will prefer that. Or just use sheet masks that also cover the under eye area. They are soaked in moisturizing ingredients and will deliver a much better result. There are also people who use cucumber or potato slices. Sounds more healthy and effective.

I hope you enjoyed demystifying these items with me. I will keep my eyes open and my purse closed for more exciting gimmicky products.

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