Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Small Taobao Beauty Haul

If you read this blog you will probably know that I get most of my stuff on Taobao. Buying things in stores just isn't as convenient.
My reaction when my packages arrive:

So let's take a look at what I got...

-Clio Kill Cover Cushion #3 (comes with a bottle of foundation for refill)
-Skinfood White Grape Fresh Pact #21
-UNT whip up Cleansing mousse
-Skinfood Lettuce&Cucumber Watery Cream

The cushion looks a little bit too light for me. But these days I am kind of pale, so it might still be a good match. I have been using a Chinese cushion makeup, because all the Korean ones that I tried before did not work for me. They were either too dry and pasty, or too shimmery, or too sticky and shiny. This one is quite popular on Taobao for its high coverage, so I am excited to try it out soon.

I already own the Skinfood powder in the shade #23, which is too dark for me at the moment. So I decided to get the lighter shade #21 (there is also #13 for very fair skin). When I look at those two, the color looks almost the same in the pan. The #23 on the right side looks a bit more orange/pink.

They look almost identical. Yet when I apply it to my skin I notice the difference. I just put the #21 on my face and it looks like it matches my skin tone, where as the #23 usually looks like I have bronzer on my face.
This powder pact is very different from most Korean powders. The coverage is quite high, so for me this is my foundation on regular days. Especially when it is hot or humid. It provides coverage, just like a powder foundation. But most powder foundations do not keep me matte. This one does, so I will stick with it for now. I also have to note that it has a strong smell, like grapes/grape juice.

Yes, I am a fan of this brand. I have been using their stuff back in 2010 already... Most Skinfood creams come in jars or strange glass bottles. But luckily this one has a pump. Basically this is a water-based gel-cream. It smells like cucumbers, which is something I personally like. I have used it yesterday and today and even though it is a bit sticky at first, it completely absorbs within 10 minutes. But on the downside, it seems to be not hydrating enough for me. 
Considering the fact, that is is hard to find a good moisturizer for oily skin, this one might be just perfect. At least it is better than anything I have tried so far. When it gets even warmer I might even like it more, because it is just so refreshing.

Lastly, I am going to talk a bit about this foaming cleanser. I could not find the ingredients anywhere online. So I just took the risk when I bought it, since I like their hydrating cleanser so much. But when I looked at the packaging and read the ingredients I was shocked:

My skin did not like the Tokyo Love Soap Premium, which is a body soap with a high amount of TEA. Basically, a ph-adjusted, strong foaming soap. This seems to be a similar thing: soap-like ingredients, ph-adjusters, coconut-derived ingredients. Everything that my skin hates. But I am still going to give this a try sometime. Just at the moment I feel like it is too risky. I am just scared it will dry me out and give me breakouts at the same time.

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