Monday, April 11, 2016

3 Japanese Lip Products (swatches)

left to right: 1) CANMAKE Jelly Stick Gloss 03
                    2) CANMAKE Days&UV Lip Serum pink
                    3) CEZANNE moisturizing lipstick OR1

I have very dry lips so I prefer moisturizing lipsticks, or better lip balms. I love orange, coral and light pink colors, because I think they are the most wearable shades for every day.

1)  CANMAKE Jelly Stick Gloss 03

It basically melted as soon as I started applying it. The consistency is like butter. The color is a nice sheer orange, but not too sheer. It feels a bit like a colored lip balm but looks like a lip gloss.

  2) CANMAKE Days&UV Lip Serum pink

On the photo it looks like it gave me some color but actually it barely did. It comes out of the tube as a pink liquid and feels like a lip gloss rather than a balm. But on my lips it is almost completely transparent. So I am a bit disappointed because I was expecting a stronger color. Otherwise  I could just use my clear lip serum. It has SPF14 Pa+ so I still think I will use it a lot when I'm outside on sunny days.

3) CEZANNE moisturizing lipstick OR1

I did not try it on my lips yet, I only swatched it on my arm. It seems very moisturizing. The color is more of a coral red rather than orange. I don't know the exact name of the lipstick but looking at the characters it says "high keep moisture", lol... I also want to get a more pink shade of this.

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