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Gimmicky Korean Beauty Products - Part two!

In the gigantic ocean of Korean beauty, you can find all sorts of things. Every once in a while I come across very gimmicky products. I am often surprised, how creative the people are, who invent these...

So cuuute! Molang is making a moisturizer! Let's see...

Chica y Chico Molang cream 

One of the main ingredients seems to be milk. Then the Molangs mix up a bunch of colorful fruits and add it to the mixture. Lastly some vanilla extract.

The cream is applied to Molangs with skin issues. So at the end all the molangs can stay white and fluffly with the help of this cream.
How does this look in real life?

Unfortunately as soon as you open it Molang will come to steal your cream. He can practically bathe in it.

Yep, Molang really likes it. What about humans?

Only 3 percent more moisture? That's kind of lame. Well, then it is just a basic mediocre moisturizer at the end.

Louviere Adelra Fresh Bread Pack

Bread Pack? My first thought was: What the hell is this? 

Okay, it is just a bar soap...

*yawns*...kind of uneventful. I mean it is a soap and it foams and then you are clean at the end. Just what is up with these strange labels ("bread") and imagery:

To be honest, I don't really get it. Let's continue...

23 years old air-laynic pore mask

The Korean beauty industry really like to make up new words. Air-laynic? 
This looks like one of those pore strips for the nose, just bigger. And with a layer of glue you need to add before sticking it on.

"Pore be surprised" - LOL! I would be surprised if this actually worked.

The only thing I can tell from these pictures that on the last one the skin looks more oily. So basically it cleans the pores yet makes you more oily at the same time. Strange concept.

AHC revital booster

It seems that nowadays injections are very popular in Korea. So why not design a product that looks like an injection needle.

Screw the dermatologist! I am injecting it myself! Haha...

Three different types for different concerns.

Would you apply your moisturizer like this?

What happened here and why does the After-picture look worse?

Secret Age Schmelz Ex

Oh, no! Do not mess with German! There is a German person right here! "hehr Schönheit"... damn who makes this up? 

This cream is a two-in one after-sun treatment for pigmentation. 

Some greasy stuff  for hydration + some pinkish white stuff to make you look more white of course.

This after-sun care is basically a moisturizer to make you look more white and trick you into thinking you did not just get a tan from the sun. Do not worry! Your tan and freckles are gone now. At least until you wash this thing off.

16 brand Apple and Cabbage cleanser

Two bright colored fragrant cleansers that come in glass bottles. Gimmick-alarm! 

Nooo! You did not just turn into regular boring white foam, did you? That's where the magic ends.

So natural Mosit Glow Pink Capsule Cream

Why is Korean skin care full of shimmery pink stuff? This looks like a regular cream jar, but it is filled with soft balls.

So if you are using this as a cream you have to squish tiny soft balls each time. And then you apply this shimmery pink stuff on your face. Basically it is just like one of these glowy Korean primers but they kind of trick you into thinking it is something different.

Chosungah 22 Tangle season ice

A strange packaging with three tubes of something called "tangle ice spot". Are you curious?

Looks very much like liquid vaseline, like one of these liquid lip balms.

Do not make me laugh again! Of course, if you deep-freeze me I will not age.

Any gel stored in the refrigerator will be cold. That is nothing new. 

96 hours of moisture? Wow, but I need to wash my face inbetween. 1% Marine energy? Not sure about what this is going to do. This is a basic cooling gel, just like aloe gel, probably with some petroleum based ingredients, since you can put this on the lips, too.

Tosowoong Monster Cream The white

Another whitening cream that seems too good too be true, I mean look at this:

So natural Deep Clean Pore Hydrogel Ball

This looks interesting. A squishy ball cleanser in a net.

The cleansing ability is nothing special. Anything foamy in a net will cleanse well. I use soaps which are in soap nets to cleanse my body, so I know. But here the squishiness is what makes it stand out.

Before and after. Is something wrong with my eyes? Why does the before picture look better again.

Anyway, this one is so gimmicky, yet I am a bit tempted to try it. But I won't...

So natural Peeling

Same brand. Asian skin care is still full of these gimmicky peeling jellies, which ball up once in contact with your skin. And many people STILL believe when they massage it into the skin  it is their own skin or dirt that is rolling away. No way!
It all started with the CURE Natural Aqua Gel many years ago. It made many people believe they are basically rolling off dead skin from their face. That is impossible! If that would be the case no one would go to the dermatologist anymore to get a chemical peel. If your own skin would peel off in flakes like that it would burn like crazy. Luckily, it is just the product itself, not your skin. Calm down.
This Cure Natural Aqua Gel is still sold on Amazon claiming that a bottle is sold every few seconds in Japan. That was in 2010/2011 maybe! Now it is not nearly as popular because we have so many cheap alternatives.

With its black color this gel is extra-gross. No doubt it will somewhat cleanse the skin, but better get a clear gel though.

Lastly, let me throw in a Japanese product:

Melty wink eye cream

Nothing gimmicky about the looking here. But this eye cream claims to give you double-lids! 
That is not possible without surgery or eyelid-tape/-glue.

There are some impressive before and after photos. But I think they are fake. If you read the reviews for this you will see that it does not work. It just gives people with mono-lids false hope.
I do not understand how a cream could make the eyes "deeper". There seems to be nothing special here. Some hyualuronic acid and caffeine etc.
The packaging says in wonderful Japanese English:
"This special essence cares intensively for your eyelid. We are wishing that the happy future visits you."
Some people have seen a slight improvement and say their eyes got bigger, while others say the skin above the eyelid got more swollen and heavy. Most people did not see any notable effect.

(all photos are from Taobao)

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