Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Another successful MINISO haul - $ Dollar store treasures $

I went to Muji today and I was thinking "Damn, why is everything so overpriced here. The quality is just mediocre... I mean, just because it's a brand..." And when I walked out I somehow passed by MINISO. And that is the result:

  • 2-phase eye makeup remover
  • 2 nail polishes
  • illuminating makeup base
  • BB cream
  • Jojoba serum
  • hair accessory
  • 3pack cucumber masks

Most of their makeup is not interesting, the lipstick colors are too bright and the eyeshadows too glittery. But this primer is really nice. It reminds me of some high-end Korean brand primers. The BB cream feels similiar to Innisfree's foundations (in the squeeze tubes). Blended together the finish looks really nice - at least on my hand.

I bought this cucumber sheet masks, because I like simple, hydrating sheet masks. Without too much nonsense. Some of the ingredients are (translated): 

Cucumber water
Chondrus Crispus
Hydrogenated castor oil
Sodium hyaluronate
I have used it 1 time. It is slightly sticky but very soothing and hydrating.

This little potion is a hydrating serum with many plant extracts. Even though it is cheap, the ingredients are really amazing. 
Jojoba and 
a whole bunch of plant extracts (centella, licorice, green tea leaf extract, chamomile etc.)

Alpha- arbutin
Hydrolyzed collagen

Lastly, here are the two nail polishes in wearable colors. Miniso's nail polishes are nothing too special, but not bad either.

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