Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Chinese Biore Sunscreens

Recently I bought these two sunscreens for my husband and myself. I am not a big fan of the majority of Biore sunscreens, since they contain so much alcohol and feel a bit drying. These sunscreen milks here are produced in China - usually a lot of the Biore sunscreens sold here are imported, therefore the packaging is Japanese.

But the Aqua Rich Milk Moisture has the drying alcohol more towards the end of the list. Instead it contains more emollients. 
On the other hand I chose the Cool version for my husband, which - just like the famous Aqua Rich Watery Essence - has a lot of drying alcohol. Additionally it contains menthol to give it that fresh, tingly feeling.

The Moisture  milk can be applied to bare skin if you have oily skin like me. It is very moisturizing. It comes out as a thick white milk and spreads easily. But what I noticed immediately is that it gives a white cast - unlike the Watery Essence which has a transparent but very shiny finish. So it not only made me look shiny but also kind of white. I had to blot my face many times throughout the day. On my neck and chest this feels great! It is so smooth and silky. But my face is just too oily for this, even if I just sit at home in an air-conditioned room.
My husband tried the Cool  milk and so far he likes it. He says it feels fresh and clean. I also kind of want to try it even though I am a bit scared of things that feel "minty" on my skin.

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