Thursday, May 19, 2016

Last week's big Taobao haul!

Here is what I received last week but always forgot to post. I bought some makeup... But this haul is kind of repetitive... "I want the same product but a different shade/version"...

I wanted to have another plastic drawer for my makeup, and a mirror. Unfortunately I did not make any photos of the drawer itself, but it's nothing special really.

The products here are:
  • Innisfree Microcara (brown)
  • Touch by Lee Kyung Min  Light Filler Master Spf30 PA++
  • Ardell Dark Adhesive
  • Clinique Lash Power Lengthening Mascara (mini)
  • Isehan Kiss Mat Chiffon Base (whitening) #2
The thing with the rabbits on the right side is a fold-able mirror:

The Light Filler Master is basically a concealer/highlighter/BB cream with SPF. I already have it in shade no.1 and like it a lot but the color a little too light for me right now. Anyway, I really like the coverage and natural look, and the fact that it is a little bit more moisturizing and not pasty, thick and cakey like Maybelline concealers. And it is not as translucent as Touche Eclat by YSL. The brush applicator and the squeeze tube are VERY SIMILIAR to Rimmel's Match Perfection concealer.
Here are the two shades in comparison:

     Left is #1 more pale and pinkish than the #2 on the right.

Another "repetitive" buy is the makeup base by Isehan. I had this in shade #1 in moisture. It was actually quite mattifying as a base when applied with a sponge. But again, too pale. So I got the #2 in whitening because this version also has slightly more coverage than the moisturizing one.

   On the right side is the shade #2 which is darker and also has more coverage.

I love these products because I'm all about the "no makeup"-makeup. As you can see here these darker shades are a good match (wearing the concealer and the base):

Now I got this mini mascara by Clinique because those sample sizes are so cheap. I already had a similiar one but the brushes are different. And the one I got now not only has a thinner brush but also contains fibers. Though I did not notice them when I was using the mascara. The older, thicker one is almost dried up already. I love both of these because they do not smudge even one bit and my eyelids are very oily. Most common non-waterproof mascaras smudge like crazy around my eyes. Especially when I am outside in the humid, hot weather of Shenzhen. These ones last, and they are easy to remove.

     These two mascaras are just awesome. So much better than Double-wear by Estee Lauder.

Now here are some beauty-tools I bought from Tmall:

  • 2x2 round plastic containers
  • Double-sided cotton
  • Nature Fiber face towels
  • Konjac Sponges (face and body)

I have tried the sponges this week. They are just amazing. So gentle. It's great to have one for the body, too. Most cleansing tools for the body are quite harsh and abrasive. The skin on my body is very sensitive though. I am prone to dry patches, rashes and acne (so I do not condition my hair, because conditioner causes breakouts on my body). Konjac sponges make cleansers more effective. They are not very exfoliating, more like helping the cleanser to get into the pores better.

Now I also got a bunch of BB cream samples from Charmzone. These are the old-fashioned, thick BB cream formulas, which are semi-matte and cover pores well. Nowadays I feel like BB creams got more runny in texture, more like foundations (but also more hydrating than foundations) and they have better sun protection.
I depot-ted the 3 BB creams into those plastic jars so I can use them more conveniently.

    BB creams by Charmzone: Natural Skinade SPF20 PA++, Ginko Natural SPF30 PA++, DeAge SPF 30 PA++

That's it!

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