Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My current evening skincare routine 💞💞💞

Since I started taking DIM in the beginning of this month my skin has been a little strange. It is basically going from oily to dehydrated to sensitive and dry. I like to exfoliate in the evening but I always try to not overdo it. I cannot handle products with too many ingredients (as many ingredients irritate my skin). So I try to be very specific about the ingredients that I want to use and choose the correctly formulated products which contain these (and not too much more). I don't like to throw in useless extra steps if I cannot see a difference.
My morning routine is still under construction - I bought a few new items and trying to integrate them at the moment.
So here is my evening skincare products:

Let's go though the steps:

1) Removing makeup and cleansing

I use Fancl mild cleansing oil (review) to take off all my makeup. Then I follow with my favorite cleanser UNT Perfect Balance Deep Hydrating Cleanser. I will run out of this cleanser soon and buy a new one. This one was my third bottle already (mentioned here before).

2) Toner / exfoliating toner

I only use ONE OF THESE at a time.
I either use eau precieuse lotion which is a BHA toner with the correct acidic ph-level (around 3.5), or I use an AHA toner: Glyco Skincare 8% Glycolic Acid Facial Toner (ph 4.0). They can be used together theoretically, but because of the difference in the ph-level I would have to wait inbetween, which is a bit annoying. When my skin feels sensitive I just use a random toner (I have a couple of cheap toners, this one here is just an example).

3) Optional step: Serum

I often skip this step. I can only use the Timeless 20% C+E+Ferulic Acid Serum (first impression post) every three days. Otherwise my skin will get red in some areas. The other serum here also contains some vitamin c and e - Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM. It  contains 1.5% retinol!!! But in this product it is encapsulated which allows the serum to "slowly release" the retinol. I can't feel anything. It just feels like a siliconey facial oil. I did not see much effects from this but I feel like I need to keep using it. At least it feels nice.
The Paula's Choice Resist serum has only 0.1 percent retinol but it's very very strong! The next morning the skin is much plumper, but also quite sensitive. So I don't know how 1.5 percent can be so gentle on the skin and if this is real retinol or maybe some kind of derivative.

4) Hydrating serum

The writing rubbed off. This is the Tout Vert Lu Pharma Essence Select Gel (review). It is a thick gel which has some anti-aging and skin-repairing benefits. I just started using it again because of how dehydrated and tight my skin was the past week. And I love it, even though it's sticky. But I really feel like this keeps me hydrated throughout the night, even with the strong, cold air conditioner in my room.

5) Moisturizer

I used to use this small size of House of Rose Bee Honey Face&Body Skin Care cream on my body. But now I use it on my face. It smells like Shea butter (reminds me that I have two more products with Shea butter which are similar to this). As the packaging says this also has honey and royal jelly. This cream is a bit thick, but very gentle, creamy, buttery. If my face is extremely dry I add some drops of this dollar store oil (same one like here but different packaging). I usually also take this under my eye area so there is no need to apply an eye cream.

Then I have two optional products which I sometimes add in:

Normally I only use this eye cream at day time - Skinfood Honey & Royal Jelly Firming Eye. It is smooth and hydrating yet a lot thinner than the Etude House Nutrifull eye cream that I used in the colder times (shown in this post). Sometimes I also want to use it in the evening, so I will layer it underneath the thicker cream that I use all over my face.
I have a small plastic jar with pearl powder standing in the bathroom. I use it to remove sebaceous filaments  on my nose and chin about once or twice a week. After cleansing I mix this with a bit of water or face wash to gently scrub them away. It also helps to remove some stubborn makeup that sometimes gets stuck in my pores and was not removed even after double-cleansing.

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