Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My new fave: Timeless CEF serum

I was a bit scared of trying a "sour" vitamin c serum again because of two reasons. 1. It burns upon application (acidic ph), kind of feels like I am putting lemon juice on my skin. 2. It oxidizes before I even used 1/3 of the product (after 3 weeks or so). 
Now I have just started using this Timeless 20% C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum and I have seen IMMEDIATE RESULTS. And that is exactly what I look for in skincare. 
A while ago I ran out of glycolic acid toner. My skin started looking more uneven than usual. I remembered the radiance that I used to get with the Nufountain C20 Ferulic serum. And somewhere I have seen a review, or rather, a comparison of vitamin c serums, and this one by Timeless ranked the first.
Recently I started using glycolic acid again, and my skin became smooth, soft and more even. But it still kind of looked dull (also due to my weird sleeping habits).
Now when I used this vitamin c serum for the first time it was like: Bam! It was like someone switched on a light bulb in front of my face and illuminated it. And no, it did not burn. It just felt slightly sticky when I was applying it. But I did not feel it on my face. 
I made some photos a couple of days ago. 

I think it is obvious: I look terrible on the left picture... Anyways. This is me both with sunscreen on (the Biore one from the last post), and some tinted moisturizer under my eyes (I have dark circles naturally, or caused by my life style maybe). I think this is the effect after using it about 3 times. Also, the glycolic acid helped. But not nearly as much as this wonderful serum!

I am storing it in the bathroom cabinet with some of my other serums/actives:

Let's just hope this doesn't oxidize after 2 or 3 weeks... Please! 

(On a side note: How do you know if your vitamin c serum oxidized? - The color changes from clear to yellow! If it already had a color before, it is more difficult to tell. DIY serums go bad after one or two weeks, if there are no preservatives. In this serum the vitamin e acts as a preservative. But the Nufountain serum also had that and it did not "save" it.)

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