Monday, June 20, 2016

Clear Sunscreen Sprays

Spray-type sunscreens have been getting very popular in Asia this year. I don't know if it's just because people are lazy or don't have much time to apply a sunscreen lotion. Even if that is not the case, they are a good way to touch up sun protection after sweating/swimming. 
I just want to quickly compare these two CLEAR sunscreen sprays. They both have no white cast and they are colorless.
Re:cipe Crystal Sun Spray SPF50 PA+++ is an affordable Korean sunscreen spray. This is already my second bottle. It runs out quickly if you use it daily. The fragrance is very strong, too strong. A while ago I sprayed my neck and chest with it before going out and the back of my neck was itchy the whole day. 
That is why I decided to try a Japanese fragrance-free option: Ajuste Airytouch UV Spray SPF50 PA++++. I just love how so many Japanese cosmetics are fragrance- and color-free (why are so many Korean products heavily fragranced?????) which makes it ideal for sensitive skin like mine. This spray feels more cool and dry.

On my arms they are both almost invisible, though the Re:cipe sun spray leaves a sheen (right photo).
I prefer the matte finish of the Ajuste UV spray. Overall, it is just so much better. It dries immediately, no smell and it has a higher UVA-protection of PA++++. I paid more for it tough, but the bottle is also bigger: 200g while the other one has 150ml.
It's great to have a fragrance-free sun spray, because I can smell the Re:cipe sun spray the whole day. It's like wearing perfume. Kind of annoying. I feel like I am spraying deodorant on my body.

The Ajuste spray comes in 3 different versions. I bought the "fragrance-free" one, but there are two others: "gentle fragrance" and "anti-mosquito". I wish they came in smaller bottles, too, because it would be easier to carry around and travel with.

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