Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Innisfree Bija Trouble Cleansing Gel (Review)

I have bought this many months ago, but as you can see on the picture, there is still a lot of product left. That is because I have not been using it regularly - I still had my all time favorite cleanser...
But anyway, I have been trying to integrate this non-foaming gel cleanser into my routine ever since I bought it.

Why did I buy this? Because it contains salicylic acid and the ph-level is low (according to other reviews, I have not tested its ph). The ingredients are printed on the bottle:

Unfortunately it also contains those citrus ingredients which I hate so much about Innisfree products. But since it is a rinse-off product, it does not bother me as much. But still, the fragrance is VERY STRONG. I would never recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. I kind of like it though, because it smells like German sauna. It is herbal and relaxing. 
This cleansing gel is part of the Bija Trouble line, which is aimed at treating/reducing acne. Actually, according to Innisfree, this is a first-step cleanser. Basically, it is designed for removing makeup and then you have to follow with the Bija Trouble foam cleanser. But as this cleansing gel is very bad at removing makeup (and I would never use anything citrus around my eye area), people actually use it as a second-step cleanser. 
That is also strange. I mean, it does not foam, unless you use it with a konjac sponge. 

The consistency is very liquid and runny. It is nothing like the other cleansing gel that I tried: Shiseido's Perfect Gel, a terrible cleansing gel, that does not remove any makeup and leaves a thick, vaseline-like layer on my skin. But the Bija Trouble Cleansing Gel rinses clean. I cannot feel any residue. 
I would not use this after cleansing oil, as I prefer something foaming and with better cleansing "strength" to remove leftover makeup and oil. It only works as a morning cleanser. 
I use one pump, spread it around my dry face (the skin should not be damp or wet, this works just like a cleansing oil), massage it in and rinse with lots of water. 
It does not really give me that clean feeling I get from foaming cleansers, but maybe this is a good thing. I am adding it back into my morning routine as a cleanser, before my BHA toner and the vitamin c serum.

Edit: I don't think the cleanser can exfoliate, even with its low ph of 3-4, since it is designed to be a makeup remover.

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