Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I'm back!! (Updates)

After almost 1 month in Germany I am finally back in Shenzhen.
Shopping for skincare in Germany was a disappointing experience: Wherever I search, whether it is the pharmacy, the drug store or cosmetic stores, there are no proper chemical exfoliants, retinol  products, good serums with actives or vitamin c products. People there either have naturally good skin or run around with clogged pores (and early fine lines), I guess.

Anyway, I still bought stuff. Since there weren't any exfoliating toners or serums to try, I tried some old-fashioned scrubs. One was a rough and probably alkaline sea sand scrub that I mainly used for my body, another one was by Neutrogena, called "skin-beautifying scrub", which was a very mild cream-scrub (not like their other harsh cleansers) with salicylic acid. Actually, in Germany there are tons of acne products with salicylic acid, but none of them are what we call "BHA exfoliant".

I was also disappointed of some sample size products I bought for travelling. These were Sulwhasoo Cleansing Oil and Snow wise cleansing foam  (both of these had a really really strong herbal scent and did not cleanse well) and Hera Cell Essence Mist (was quite sticky and I think it broke me out slightly).

Because of luggage weight limitations I couldn't take all products I bought with me, but I will soon show some things that I took with me (mainly moisturizers).

I couldn't take my exfoliating toners back home with me and almost ran out of my glycolic acid toner anyway. So the first thing I wanted to do once I was back in Shenzhen is use my Exuviance microdermabrasion scrub (also contains glycolic acid). So I did not have to exfoliate my skin for several days and I can still see no trace of clogged pores or dead skin on my face:

clean face with zero makeup

I almost forgot how good this very expensive product is. It's nothing like a regular scrub with large plastic beeds. Instead, it uses micro-crystals, like they do at the dermatology clinics.

My current routine goes like this:

Morning:1. Fancl powder wash (ph is 6-7, I need to use this up)
               2.  Balea Hyualuron Booster (as serum under my eyes or on dry parts) or Etude House
                    priming eye serum to massage my eye area
               3. Skinfood Honey & Royal Jelly eye cream
               4. Olay Featherweight moisturizer Spf15 (at home) or Missha  Aqua Sun Gel Spf30 Pa++ if                    I am going to go outside (underneath I sometimes put Skinfood Lettuce&Cucumber                               Watery Cream)

Evening: 1. Fancl Cleansing Oil to remove makeup
                2. Hadalabo Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Foam (need to use it up)
                3. Tout Vert Lu Pharma Essence Gel (this will last me a long time and I am staying loyal to                      it)
                4. Skinfood Honey & Royal Jelly eye cream                        
                5. Nivea Hydra pH lotion (Chinese Nivea product, takes away the stickyness from the                              serum)

Soon this routine will change, since I bought some "acids" and other skincare on Taobao. Once I have all the new products and tested them, I will update my routine.

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