Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Favorites

Welcome back! Here are my favorite - or should I say most-used products of the month. I bought lots of cosmetics this month, more than I expected. Even though I am actually trying to declutter.

I only have two new makeup favorites:

I got these two when I was in Germany.
  • Labello Cherry Shine lipbalm: It's just so moisturizing and smells like cherries, and it gives my pale lips some color.
  • Essence Pure Nude make-up #10: The packaging reminds me so much of Chanel Vitalumiere, with that black pump, also the color is quite similiar to B10 in Chanel:

      I apply this with a damp sponge and it stays for many hours in humidity and heat. It has less               coverage and applies less cakey than the Chanel foundation.

Another favourite is this sleeping mask I got in Miniso. It smells really really good and hydrates well, so I already bought more products from the same line. It is nothing like the famous Laneige Water Bank Sleeping Pack/Mask which is more of a clear gel. This sleeping mask though has a "silicone+water"-texture which easily glides over your skin even if you already applied other products. So it can be used as a final step, whereas the Laneige one I could only apply by itself on bare skin.

I exfoliated a lot and I did not sleep well this month, so I really needed a basic irritant-free moisturizer like the Avene Skin Recovery Cream. I am so glad that I bought it, because until now I have actually used it very often. If you like skincare and often try new things it is crucial that you have one basic cream that you trust whenever something goes wrong (or you are to lazy to go through all the routine steps and just want to slap on some moisturizer).

A German product again: Balea Hyaluron Booster. It is basically a gel with hyaluronic acid, but it is in a small tube like that because THEY want you to spot-treat your wrinkles or dry areas with this before following with moisturizer. I think that hyaluronic acid should not be applied to clean, dry skin because it can dehydrate the skin in the same way it hydrates. What I am trying to say is: It could suck moisture out of your skin instead of onto your skin. This issue can be solved by applying a toner and/or lotion first and THEN putting this on the areas of the face that really need it. Anyway, it works! And I have been using it a lot, but unfortunately the effects of hyaluronic acid are only short-term, meaning when you wash your face it's gone.

AHC The Real Eye Cream for Face (new version, mini 7,5ml): I did not think I would like it that much but after a while of using it I found it to be a really good product. This miniature version is very cheap and packed with ingredients that are usually found in very expensive eye creams. But with Korean products sometimes you get a lot more for your money. I don't believe in fermented skincare (after reading a long article about bacteria on the skin and adding new cultures of bacteria), but I do believe in peptides. I have some fine lines and they really improved over that month, also because of Paula's Choice Resist Retinol treatment. I expected the eye cream to be a fail like Mizon's Snail eye cream. I thought it would be thin and runny and dry up after a while and just disappear. But this formula is very hydrating and keeps my dry under-eye area smooth. I will consider buying it again after I run out.

Lastly, the highlight of my daily skincare: Timeless 20% C+E+Ferulic Acid Serum (review) and Nufountain Celsignal (in a plain brown 15ml bottle). I have talked about Vitamin C serums before, see the post here. The Celsignal serum quickly oxidizes but I mainly use it for the 5% (or 10%?) niacinamide. The pH is 5.5. It is very gentle and evens out my skintone, leaving it sticky if I use too much. The Timeless serum is my favorite serum of all time, doesn't oxidize quickly at all and is very effective.

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