Thursday, August 11, 2016

Estee Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Sheer Tint Release Moisturizer (Review)

What a long name! I bought this tinted moisturizer while I was in Germany. It promises that it protects and fights signs of aging while giving the skin a sheer tint.

The UV-protection is only SPF 15. Enough, if you stay indoor most of the time (and/or you live in Northern Europe, ...). I bought this because I wanted a tinted moisturizer that is truly sheer, does not feel heavy and does not look like a foundation - because then I might as well use a foundation, right? 

I was self-tanning a lot while I was in Germany. And also when I just came back (that is when I made the photos). So I needed something a little darker than my usual base makeup.

The tube itself was sealed when I opened it. The tinted moisturizer comes out as a white, slightly lavender colored liquid. Yes, it is one of those color-change formulas. You need to blend it in to "release" the tint, which in this case is a medium beige shade that is visibly darker than my skin color:

It is not terribly moisturizing, I would rather say it feels like a lightweight hydrating BB cream, but of course not as heavy as a BB cream, and not with nearly as much coverage.

Here you can see while it did give me a warmer tint, it did not cover any flaws or change my skin texture:

I would still need some concealer under my eyes and around my nose. Overall, as a makeup product, it is not as good as my old favorite - Stila SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizer. But that one was discontinued - or was it not?
Anyway, this only comes in ONE shade, and you need to rub it in to see if it even matches.
Also, later that day I noticed it got darker around my dry patches and I got streaks of color on my neck. My neck is quite dry compared to my face by the way. So at the end it made me look more patchy and uneven instead of evening out my skin tone.  
Oh, how I miss the Stila product. But one thing I never liked about the Stila one is the smell. It smelled rubbery and like sunscreen. This product by Estee Lauder has a wonderful, fresh high-end fragrance. It smells like expensive skincare. And it is. Look at the ingredients:

That's a looong list of ingredients. It almost seems like a serum, loaded with many plant extracts and other moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients. But I did not buy it to use it as a skincare item. Anyway, it's a nice bonus here.
Overall, I am not sure if I like this as a makeup item, since it does not give me any coverage - and I feel like I need a layer of foundation or powder foundation on top of it to really even out my skin tone.
At the moment I am back to being pale, but if I sometime want to self-tan again this will be a good product for enhancing/refreshing  my tan.

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