Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mascaras: When it's time to say goodbye

It seems that ever since I have started using mascara, I have owned about 3-10 of them at a time. Now it has been several months since the last time I bought a mascara, and some of my current ones are dried up and need to be thrown away already.
A good time to take a look which ones I would buy again and which ones are just not worth it:

Left to right:
  • ZA Killer Volume mascara waterproof: My holy grail mascara! This is the number one for humid weather and looong stressful days. I can always count on it: - Smudgeproof - Lots of volume - Separates - Curls & holds curl all day - Does not clump easily - Easy to apply with curved brush -> will continue buying it (this was already my third or fourth one)
  • Catrice Glam & Doll waterproof: Disappointing for a waterproof mascara. - Smudges just as much as non-waterproof mascaras - Good brush (not too big) - Hard to remove but easy to smear and smudge -> which is what I hate about many waterproof mascaras, because it makes them pointless -> would not buy it again
  • Essence I Love Extreme crazy volume: - Brush too big - Clumpy application - Wastes a lot of product each time - Gives a lot of length & definition - Smudges -> I would rather buy Too Faced Better Than Sex (more volume) or L'oreal Million Lashes extra-black (more definition, less messy)
  • Daiso High Curling mascara: - Tube-type (removes with warm water) - Not as easy to remove as it seems - No volume - Natural looking - Dries up quickly - Feels sticky -> If I want a natural looking mascara that removes with warm water only I would prefer Dejavu Fiberwig Lengthening mascara which also gives more length or try some other Japanese tube-type mascaras like Mote 
  • L'oreal Power Volume 24H (Black Smoke): - Too much product on the brush (messy application) - Clumpy - Sticky - Dries too quickly - Good at the beginning but gets much worse the more it dries out - Does not curl - Smudgeproof -> Already my second one but I would not buy it again
  • Lancome Hypnose Star waterproof (sample): - Dry type - Small brush separates lashes well - Smudgeproof - Easy to reach corners -> Will maybe buy it again, as the sample size is convenient and cheap
  • innisfree Skinny microcara (brown): - Using it for my lower lashes - Thin brush offers more control - Smudgeproof - Can be gradually build up as it only holds a small amount of product each time - Not enough drama for upper lashes -> Yes, I will buy it again as a "lower lash mascara". The brown color looks more natural, as black mascara on lower lashes can look like dark circles from far away (casts grey shadow). This one is also much better than other brown mascaras I have tried.
Here are the brush heads close up:

Za, Catrice, Essence

Daiso, L'oreal, Lancome


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