Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cleansing Routine

Let me be honest: I am not good at following routines - especially with skin care. For a long time I did not have one, I was just testing and rotating products.
First of all, I think cleansing is very important. More than a month ago I bought my favorite cleanser by UNT, and it was so relieving after months of trying other cleansers - one of them was also Taiwanese and contained the same cleansing ingredient - but nothing was as good as this. So from now on I will stick to it.

Evening Cleansing Products :

- Kose softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil: I really want to go back to my old favorite FANCL cleansing oil, because it was so much better at removing makeup. For a third of the price of the Fancl one I bought this BIG bottle of the Speedy Cleansing Oil. Even though it has good reviews, those people probably never used the Fancl one, because that one is just so much better (and much more expensive). It gets my eye makeup off easily, while with this one here I need to use more product and massage longer - and still have some residue sometimes. But I am trying my best to make it work and use it up.
- UNT cleanser: This is my holy grail foaming cleanser. I also use it to remove makeup if I did not wear waterproof mascara (then I can skip the cleansing oil). I cannot belive I have gone several months without using it - I was trying other cleansers... nothing compares to this! I just don't like how the squeeze tube changes shape.

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