Sunday, January 15, 2017

JD-Haul 京东 (

Ever since my husband's company provided him with a 1000RMB gift card for JD I bought tons of stuff there. They sell a bit of everything and actually we bought a lot of food there. The cosmetics are overpriced (double to triple the price of Taobao) but if it's on the gift card, who cares?

I recently bought these items:

La Roche Posay CICAPLAST Baume B5 + Eau Thermale (set)
Hanajirushi Amino Acid Nutritious Super Moisture Cream
La Roche Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel + Clarifying Moisturizing Lotion (GIFTS)

I have recently started using Adapalene on my forehead (expression lines) and need some gentle and moisturizing stuff! Currently the area between my eyebrows is a bit red. It's because I used my electric face brush plus charcoil cleanser - I was going to skip my forehead but for one second I forgot and placed it between my brows... Lesson learned. DO NOT use (electric) face brushes while on Adapalene (or even Tretinoin)!

I am currently sitting at home, freezing and wearing this "balm" on my face. The redness is fading! I guess this is a lot better than my Avene Skin Recovery cream and also better then Sudocrem (or anything for baby's butts). In case of overexfoliation, sun burn, irritation, allergy... I would use this. 

This one here is a heavy and greasy cream. I did not know the ingredients but JD doesn't offer too many choices and I have seen this many times in Walmart. By the way I have a 1800RMB Walmart shopping card! Sooo much money to spend...
On the packaging the ingredients are in Japanese and Chinese:

But I searched and searched and found them here.
Basically it is a heavy, occlusive cream that I do not recommend to apply directly after washing your face but layer it over toner, lotion, essence, serum and/or gel. I put it on last night (without anything else) and surprisingly it did not clog my pores. I think it will still be useful, especially now that the weather is more cold.

Here are some gifts I got with my order:

The Effaclar product line is one of the more famous European "acne care lines", though I never tried it. It seemed too irritating/drying for me. For my hormonal acne I use Clindamycin (works great for big or deep bumps) and Azelaic Acid (10%). Next time I have a break-out I might try the Effaclar face wash and the clarifying lotion (contains AHA and BHA by the way) to see if they are any use. Though I have nothing against a foaming face wash with pH 5.5.

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