Friday, January 20, 2017

Some new "actives" & short reviews

From a Taobao haul a while ago I got these products - all of them are quite little in size. They are all "actives" except the Innisfree Peel Off Base Coat for nails, which I will do a separate review on.
I bought many products these last few weeks because the Chinese Spring Festival is approaching and during that time ordering online is just annoying since all the delivery companies are resting - so you will never know when you get your stuff! Every year the same sh**...

ASDM 6ml "test size" bottle of the 10% Salicylic Acid Peel
             Ouch! I tested this before on my body without rinsing and without any issues. But today I
             tried it on my face. I should have remembered to avoid the sides of the nose, where the skin
             is quite thin. When doing professional strength peels, it is also recommended to not exfoliate
             a few days before - which, of course, I did not do. It felt a bit like Paula's Choice BHA liquid,
             except that one never made me turn red. This made me red and blotchy because I might have
             left it on for too long (but I only put it on problem areas). My chin which is usually very
             clogged and has large pores, handled it very well. But my cheeks turned red and blotchy.
             The pores on my nose did not look any better than with the PC BHA (I ran out of it :/). I will
             try it again some time but I will be extra careful.
Eau Precieuse lotion:
             I bought it again but this time in the tiny 100ml size. Actually the 500ml is only double the
             prize but this one is just more cute. It is a BHA toner, but I don't find that it really exfoliates
             like Stridex pads do. It's a decent toner and a good preparation for other skincare. But maybe
             this time is the last time I bought this.
Aziderm 10% Azelaic Acid Gel:
             Actually more of a cream. I have used the 20% long time ago as a spot treatment. Since the
             20% was too strong for me I chose this one. I am still not 100% sure how effective it is but I
             mainly use it to fade leftover marks from spots on my chin area. It SEEMS like it's working.
             So far no side effects and no irritation.
Cerave PM lotion 10ml "test size"
             I wish I would have bought the full size! But I was scared that it will give me breakouts or
             bad reactions - I read a ton of reviews on Taobao and they were quite mixed... Some said it
             gave them clogged pores, acne or stung... Now since I started using it I absolutely love this
             stuff and I am scared about the rumors that it could be discontinued. This very light lotion
             is perfect for putting under thicker creams or under sunscreens. I do not like layering with
             gels so much anymore. Gels dry me out in winter time. I even prefer this over my Cosmetex
             Roland eyecream which contains ceramides. This PM lotion does not only contain ceramides
             but also 4% Niacinamide - which is more than you find in most Asian products. Anyway,
             now I love this so muich and I cannot wait for the damn holiday season to be over to order
             2 or 3 full size bottles of this (just in case).

Dr Hsieh 10% Mandelic Acid:
            I had zero luck with the Romasin 6% Mandelic Acid serum which did almost nothing (except
            it slightly plumped the under eye but only if I remembered to use it often enough). The pH of
            5 also seemed a bit to high for an AHA to exfoliate. 
            This serum feels almost exactly the same - and I also use it under my eyes.
The ingredient list is quite short:

Mandelic Acid is said to be the best of both worlds: Dissolve oil like Salicylic Acid while exfoliating deeply and acting as a humectant like AHAs do.
Honestly I tried this a couple of nights (and sometimes at daytime) and did not see much happening. In fact each time I woke up with clogged pores, even when using it alone. 
I'm beginning to loose hope in Mandelic Acid in general.

I have a 10% Glycolic Acid toner that works instantly and takes away dead skin and sebaceaus filaments in seconds. So I am not sure if I should even bother with BHAs and Mandelic Acid at all.
The only good thing is it is gentle enough to put it under the eyes.
But it has the same disadvantages like Paula's Choice BHA and all the other sticky serum exfoliants: it's bad for layering!
After my 10% Glycolic toner I can put anything on my face without creating a sticky mess. But since that one is a strange brand I am not sure if I can continue using it in the future. Another good option is still the Alpha Hydrox 10% Glycolic Acid gel (not the lotion, that one burned my face so badly but the gel was mild). 

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