Tuesday, May 16, 2017

All My Current Products ♥ - Cleansers and toners

Here is an update on which products I am currently using.
I do not follow a specific routine. Sometimes I only apply one product after cleansing and that's it. Sometimes I have more steps. Here are all the products I am currently using:


Not much has changed about the cleansers that I use, except I currently trying a sample size of Neutrogena oil to foam cleanser (not in the picture). In the mornings I use this self-foaming wash by Biore which is ideal because in the mornings I tend to be lazy and tired and I really wanted to have a cleanser with a pump. The fact that it is self-foaming is another bonus and makes it even easier and quicker to use. It does not dry out my skin like other self-foaming cleansers did which I tried in the past.


I mainly use toners for exfoliating. I might use a normal, hydrating toner (without exfoliating ingredients) just to wipe my face if I have been sweating or sometimes before makeup.
The products:
Glyco Skincare 8%Glycolic Acid toner (I have repurchased this several times, it is great. The pH is 4.0), eau preciuese (toner with BHA, but does not exfoliate, even though the pH is low), Stridex Maximum (2% BHA, works great, already replaced this with the 90pcs box and will keep buying it), Neutrogena Hydroboost sample (toner with alcohol, refreshing if skin gets very oily), Effaclar Clarifying Lotion sample (contains lactic acid and BHA but does not seem to exfoliate), Hadalabo Whitening Lotion (actually I rarely use this, it does not hydrate nor does it do anything else), Miniso Cucumber toner (my second bottle but now I bought a spray type version which I prefer), Miniso Rose Essence mist (have finished it already and replaced it with a Sakura Flower mist. I use these types of spray toners to refresh and cool down my face in summer and on top of makeup).

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