Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ultimate melt-proof makeup items

These are the items I mainly use for summer! And the summer here in South of China is a very long and very humid one. Keeping the base makeup and preventing racoon-eyes is everything!
The first item is Calamine lotion. It is actually a treatment for rashes and acne, but along with the zinc oxide in this product it creates a matte veil on the skin before makeup.

How to use it? I prefer to apply toner to a cotton pad and then some drops of Calamine lotion on top of it and gently swipe it across my skin. It absorbs oil and evens the texture. The color is a pale pink but does not show to much on the skin:

By mixing it with toner I actually mimic the effect of a very popular product on Taobao and many Chinese cosmetic stores: 
Shiseido Eau de Carmin (contains alcohol and clay). Many Chinese women prefer a pale matte face (poreless) - don't ask me why. And this product used as a toner will give you that look.

As sunscreen/primer nothing beats Canmake Make Keep Base. This one is also pale and pink, and will make you look "washed out" if you have darker skin. It mattifies much better than Biore Perfect Face Milk and contains no alcohol (Biore stings on my skin when I apply it because I am slightly sensitive to huge amounts of alcohol). If you have a photoshoot outdoors or you are for some reason stuck outside in the heat, this is the best mattifying base. 
Here is the color (looks similar to the calamine):

Again, there is an equivalent super-popular product out there called Sofina Primavista Ange Long Keep Base which I also haven't tried because it is full of alcohol.

I use concealers more in hot weather, rather then greasy foundations or BB creams. These ones last very long:

- Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer 230 (color is a bit light but good for brightening under the eyes and around my nose)  -> squeeze tube with brush

- Collection Lasting Perfection 2 Cool Medium (looks natural, darkens a bit after it dries but I use the Rimmel one on top to brighten some areas)  -> tip concealer

- Sephora Smoothing & Brightening Concealer 04 (a pale yellow shade for covering red spots) -> twistable brush pen

And finally mascara. I don't like waterproof mascara, because these days I refuse to cleanse with oil (I just use my cleanser twice or micellar water plus cleanser). And some waterproof mascaras aren't smudge-proof. Many Korean and Chinese mascaras are film-type ones, but they don't give enough volume, so I rarely wear them. One of the best smudge-proof mascaras that I keep repurchasing over and over again is this:

Clinique lash power lengthening mascara! I also use the feathering mascara (gives more volume). On the top I sometimes use Benefit rollergirl lash which lasts well but does not give enough volume at the roots (it is more of a "lash separating" type).

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