Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

More than a month ago I bought this product from The Ordinary, as I ran out of my other glycolic acid toner.
It is not the cheapest product from this brand but quite affordable for the huge size of 240ml.

I have used 10% and 8% glycolic acid toners before and they always worked really well on my skin. I use toners like this on cotton pads after cleansing.
It really evens out the texture, removes dead skin and makes my skin tone look more even (as an immediate effect).
This toner has a pH-level of 3.6 which is quite low for glycolic acid. Meaning: It burns! Even though it is "only" 7% it feels much more intense than the other toners I have used before.
The strange color comes from the rose water, I guess. Here are the ingredients.
Why my skin feels so sensitive when using it (after 30 seconds of applying it burns everywhere) is probably because of my slight sensitivity to plant extracts (like rose) and TEA (unfortunately this "bad" ingredient is high up in the list).
Nevertheless, I am able to use it - just not as often as other exfoliating toners.
I am not sure if I would buy this again. I might switch back to exfoliating serums after this runs out.
Overall, I only recommend it for people who don't have sensitive skin and definitely not for daily use.

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